Crisis Resource Management – from ALiEM

SimCRM and SBT… just another set of acronyms in the world of medical education?  Don’t we already have enough??

Not quite!  Rather, Crisis Resource Management (CRM) is a complementary approach to Simulation Based Training (SBT). It can enhance current ongoing medical simulations or provide foundation for a vigorous curriculum when launching new simulation programs.


Crisis Resource Management is the ability to translate medical knowledge to real world actions, in the setting of an emergency.

Rather than a separate entity from medical simulation, CRM principles can be looked at as a way to focus and shape medical simulation curriculum and especially the objectives of each case to focus upon development of critical skill-sets that contribute to optimal team function and success during crisis.”

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Simulation in Auckland ED


With the use of high quality simulation, in a safe learning environment, we aim to:

  • Improve patient care in Auckland City Hospital Adult Emergency Department, in EDs in the region, and throughout ACH
  • Improve skills and knowledge of “students”/participants
  • Improve skills and knowledge of “teachers”/facilitators
  • Improve the functioning of the department
  • Improve interdepartmental relationships and functioning

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