Basic Airway Survival Skills 10th December 2013 – pre-reading

As part of your AED orientation and departmental CME we will be running through basic airway survival skills on Tuesday the 10th December from 2pm to 4pm.

We will be covering

  • Overview of when airway intervention required. (Medical/Trauma/OD)
  • Airway assessment
  • Recognising difficult airway  to intubate & to ventilate
  • Algorithm & Airway Emergency Call  out.  
  • Practical: Bagmask ventilation 1 & 2 personAdjuncts (OPG/NPA/ Apnoeic O2 via NPA) and LMA
  • AED RSI Checklist:overview of the RSI checklists (preparation and challenge/response checklist), the rationale behind a checklist, team briefing, then a demonstration and simulated run-through)..

I have attached some links for pre-reading around the ED airway, RSI and checklists as below:

      This is a collection of airway based podcasts and resources from Scott Weingart on his EMCRIT blog, presented all on one page and is an invaluable resource. Goes into a little more detail than we will on Tuesday, but the rest we will be covering on another airway session.

      UK Site, based on the outcomes from the NAP4 study. Good, one page RSI checklist developed by anaesthetic regs in the UK and a nice presentation of the rationale behind safer intubation using a pre-intubation checklist.

–       By Cliff Reid (of the blog). This is an awesome video demonstrating a concise run-through an RSI checklist. Useful for a brush-up on paeds RSI.

       Just for a bit of fun! If NSW HEMS can do it safely on the side of a cliff it can be done safely anywhere!

From Dr Fen Moy – drug information sheets. This will be covered in a second session later in the run

Click HERE for the file

If only patients came with labels...

If only patients came with labels…

If you have your Auckland Trainee Airway and Procedural Skills logbook – please bring it along with you on the day!  Cheers – Alana