Indigenous Health, make it a priority

Having just returned from the face-to-face meeting of the ACEM Committee on Indigenous Health, I think it’s a good time to highlight the brilliant resources out there on this important topic. Australia’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)¬†aims to¬†provide “meaningful, yet practical plans to develop relationships, show respect and increase opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”. As a result of the RAP, the topic of Indigenous Health will hopefully come to the foreground over the next year, and rightly so. If you have an interest in Indigenous Health, please check out the resources below.

The Niche Portal: a brand new website, developed by ACEM, to consolidate activities, resources and case studies for professionals working in Indigenous Health

ACEM Educational Resources: ACEM provides a Promoting Cultural Safety program, multiple e-learning modules, videos and podcasts that can be performed for free.

Mauiora: provide free online educational modules, certificates, diplomas and more

The Lime Network: Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education, with an annual conference coming up soon in Townsville, Australia

AIDA: the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association

Te Ora: the Maori Medical Practitioners Association