Metabolic and Endocrine Fact Sheets

How To Interpret ABG’s                         Be able to interpret an ABG in your sleep. And work on your mental arithmetic skills!

Metabolic acidosis fact sheet             Know your raised AG and normal AG metabolic acidosis causes and be able to reel them off in an order relevant to scenario!

Metabolic alkalosis fact sheet

NaHCO3 fact sheet

Respiratory acidosis fact sheet

Respiratory alkalosis fact sheet




Hyponatraemia                         Know your causes – it’s a very common VAQ

Thyroid Problems

Adrenal problems

Alcoholic ketoacidosis

Diabetic ketoacidosis              Middlemore has some new adult guidelines that have a different fluid / dextrose / insulin treatment regime. Have a look at it, as it may be that the treatment of DKA is going to change…


Other metabolic derangements fact sheet