Paediatrics Fact Sheets

Knowing your Paeds is vital. There isn’t a week dedicated to Paeds in the Auckland study timetable – be sure to cover relevant Paeds topics each week or you will miss a big chunk of the syllabus.

Bronchiolitis fact sheet

Congenital heart disease fact sheet

Croup fact sheet

Epiglottitis fact sheet

Paediatric Gastroenteritis                      Know your rehydration

General Paeds fact sheet

NAI fact sheet

Paediatric abdo pain fact sheet

Paediatric fever fact sheet                               Very important

Paeds and neonatal resus fact sheet               Very important

Paeds Ortho trauma fact sheet

Paeds rashes fact sheet

Pertussis fact sheet

Rheumatic fever fact sheet

SIDS, ALTE fact sheet

Stridor fact sheet

The limping child fact sheet

Gastrointestinal Fact Sheets

Abdominal hernias


Biliary disease

Bowel obstruction


General gastroenterology and surgery

Ischaemic colitis

Lower GI bleeding


Peptic Ulcer Disease

Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

Upper GI Bleeding

Perianal problems

Paediatric Gastroenteritis

Gastroenterology Notes                  Includes a useful table on gastroenteritis

Oesophageal Foreign Body