Toxicology Fact Sheets

Toxicology is a mammoth topic and comes up all the time. You need to master it to succeed. Consider it your nemesis.

ACE inhibitor OD fact sheet

Alcohol and toxic alcohols fact sheet

Amiodarone OD fact sheet

Anticonvulsant OD fact sheet

Antihistamine OD fact sheet

Antipsychotic OD fact sheet

Aspirin OD fact sheet

Beta-blocker OD fact sheet

Calcium antagonist OD fact sheet

Chemical burns fact sheet

Cholinergic anticholinergic fact sheet

Cocaine OD fact sheet

Colchicine OD fact sheet

Cyanide poisoning fact sheet

Digoxin OD fact sheet

General toxicology fact sheet          Includes decontamination and antidote info

Heparin OD fact sheet

Hydrocarbon poisoning fact sheet

Hypoglycaemic OD fact sheet

Iron overdose fact sheet

Isoniazid OD fact sheet

Lithium overdose fact sheet

Methaemoglobinaemia fact sheet

NMS vs EPSE vs SS vs MH fact sheet              Guess the abbreviations!

NSAID OD fact sheet

Opioids OD fact sheet

Organophosphate poisoning fact sheet

Other ODs fact sheet

Paracetamol OD fact sheet                                      VITAL KNOWLEDGE

Paraquat poisoning fact sheet

Plant toxins fact sheet

Sedatives OD fact sheet

SSRI OD fact sheet

Strychnine poisoning fact sheet

Sympathomimetic OD fact sheet

Tricyclic antidepressant OD fact sheet                     VITAL KNOWLEDGE

Theophylline OD fact sheet

Toxic gases fact sheet

Warfarin OD fact sheet


For envenomations: see environmental.

Resuscitation Fact Sheets

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to know all of the below inside out.

Adult resuscitation fact sheet

Anaesthetics fact sheet

Inotropes fact sheet

IV fluids fact sheet

Malignant hyperthermia fact sheet

NIV fact sheet

Paeds and neonatal resuscitation fact sheet

Paralysis drugs fact sheet

Procedural sedation fact sheet

RSI fact sheet

Sedation drugs fact sheet

Shock fact sheet

Respiratory Fact Sheets

ARDS fact sheet

Asthma fact sheet                            Very important

Bronchiolitis fact sheet

COPD fact sheet

Croup fact sheet

Epiglottitis fact sheet

Haemoptysis fact sheet

How to read a CXR fact sheet

Pertussis fact sheet

Pleural effusion fact sheet

Pneumomediastinum fact sheet

Pneumonia fact sheet

Pneumothorax fact sheet                Know your criteria for treatment

Respiratory failure fact sheet

SIDS, ALTE fact sheet

Stridor fact sheet

TB fact sheet

Paediatrics Fact Sheets

Knowing your Paeds is vital. There isn’t a week dedicated to Paeds in the Auckland study timetable – be sure to cover relevant Paeds topics each week or you will miss a big chunk of the syllabus.


Congenital Heart Disease



Fever in Children                               Very important

General Paediatrics


Paediatric Abdominal Pain

Paediatric Gastroenteritis                      Know your rehydration

Paediatric Orthopaedic Trauma

Paediatric Rashes

Paediatric and Neonatal Resus                 Very important


Rheumatic fever



The Limping Child

Orthopaedics Fact Sheets

You don’t need to know the classification of fractures in as much detail as is found in these fact sheets. The exceptions to this are: Pelvic fractures (know the classification and treatment eg. when to use interventional radiology and when to go to theatre), Paediatric orthopaedic trauma (understand Salter-Harris), Shoulder dislocation (they love reduction techniques and procedural sedation), Red joint(how do you interpret as aspirate?) and the limping child.


Ankle Injuries

Back pain

Clavicle injury

Crush injury

Elbow fractures

Femoral fractures

Foot injuries

Forearm fractures

General fractures

Hand injuries

Hip dislocation

Humerus fractures

Knee injury


Paediatric orthopaedic trauma

Pelvic fractures

Red joint

Shoulder dislocation

Spinal injury

The limping child

Tibial fractures