Auckland ACME Course

ACME_StandardThe Advanced and Complex Medical Emergencies (ACME) is a 3-day course using simulation, small group discussions, mini-scenarios and interactive workshops to explore the complex speciality of Emergency Medicine. The ACME course aims to stimulate and provoke the experienced physician practicing Emergency Medicine and who wishes to be challenged. Because the emphasis in this course is on learning and sharing information, there is no formal assessment of participants. For more information on course content, click here.

Who Can Participate?

Fellows, Advanced Trainees in their final two years of training, SMO’s, CMO’s and MOSS’ working in emergency departments are invited to apply.

CPD Points Allocation (Fellows and Non Fellows participating in CPD only)

30 points can be claimed under Accredited Workshops.

How Do I Apply?

Click here to register. The course cost is $3000.

Who can I contact with more questions?

Course co-ordinator:      Dr Owen Doran     0064212472624

Course registration and payments:        Kathy Bos        006499233122

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