ACEM Part 2 Resources

Welcome to the Auckland Advanced Trainee resources website – created to help ACEM trainees share study notes, question banks and any other resources in preparation for those pesky Part Two Examinations…

As of the most recent exam, the format of the Fellowship Examination has changed. Information taken directly from the ACEM website can be found here. A sample Study Timetable (from Auckland May 2013 – 2014) is found here. If you are new to the Part Two Experience and looking for general advice on what to do to get started, then click here.

The Written is now composed of MCQ’s, EMQ’s (Extended Matching Questions) and SAQ’s. Subsequently, there are far fewer “old exam questions”. The old VAQ’s and SAQ’s are still included on this site, as they are still a valuable tool to gauge the type of knowledge expected. Newer format questions will be included as they emerge here.

The Clinical is now an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination).

The core Fellowship resources are found below:

Resources By Topic

Written Examination Resources

Clinical Examination Resources

In “Resources by Topic” you will find “Fact Sheets”, MCQ’s, old VAQ’s and SAQ’s filed by topic. Please note: the “Fact Sheets” included were written by myself for my own use, based on the textbooks provided in the syllabus. They are not intended to include all the information you may be required to know, but you may find them handy in your study. If you find any errors or inconsistencies please let me know and I shall correct them – consider hunting for these a valuable revision tool!

In “Written Examination Resources” you will find banks of MCQ’s, SAQ’s and VAQ’s. You will also find information on ABG’s, CXR’s, AXR’s, ECG’s and CT’s. These are not ordered by topic, but there will be questions you find here that are not included in the topic-specific documents.

In “Clinical Examination Resources” you will find banks of old SCE’s and Short Case proformas.

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