ADHB Airway Training

Please find below some airway orientation videos made by Auckland ED, used to supplement airway training sessions. These are primarily about equipment location and setup, rather than specific intubation techniques. They are department specific, however would be of use to any team looking to set up their own intubation trolleys and interested in what other departments are doing! By watching these in advance, we can ensure that you can get down to “the good stuff” on the day, rather than being stuck on this nitty gritty!

Please also take this short quiz to reinforce key learning points!
Thanks Team!
Elspeth and The Airway Team

2 thoughts on “ADHB Airway Training

  1. I’m not sure if this is monitored but I’ve been trying to contact you to thanks you for the excellent web site and resources. Finding everything so readily available definitely helped a time-poor single dad get through the quiz! Cheers, Mark Fisher Staff specialist Liverpool hospital Sydney


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