A Note About Factsheets

To any users of the Factsheets, I am going through and reformatting them so that they should all be in docx format, and should all be editable from a reasonably recent version of Word.

If you find any links that don’t work for you, please do let us know and I can try and get working versions of the documents to you.

Happy studying!

About the DEMT Resources…

You will have noticed there is a new “DEMT Resources” page which is password protected.

This has been created for the use of FACEM’s and DEMT’s to provide a private area to share new exam format questions that will not be visible to Trainees. This is not a cunning ploy to be mean to the Trainees! It allows DEMT’s to have the resources to perform their weekly teaching and mock exams with fresh material. After a number of months, when DEMT’s have had time to use the questions, we will transition them across to the Trainee Resources.

It is an enormous task to create a fresh new bank of questions in the new format. My thanks goes to all the FACEM’s who have created material for this project. If you have material you would like to share with Trainee’s or DEMT’s only, please email it to elspeth.frascatore@gmail.com and I will put it up.

If you would like the password to the DEMT Resources site, please email me at elspeth.frascatore@gmail.com – I will need to confirm your identity then will provide the password.