5 thoughts on “New Format EMQ’s

  1. hi
    re opthalmology EMQs can i pick you brain?
    EMQ 2, Q1 – should be a (vitreous haemorrhage) not b (crvo)?
    EMQ 2, Q3 – There NO direct pupillary response (i.e. not RAPD)? therefore not CRAO which the question is getting at with sudden onset and severe sightloss

  2. Re: above

    EMQ 2, Q1 — CRVO should really be the answer, vitreous haemorrhage vision loss is not as sudden (not as dramatic) as that of CRVO; if the stems states black spots, cobwebs or hazy vision then it would be more in keeping with vitreous hge

    EMQ 2, Q3 — stem states “marked RAPD” — CRAO is indeed the answer

    I’m unclear about the marginal keratitis in EMQ 1, Q5, I don’t think involvement of the eyelids is a prominent feature of marginal keratitis, not sure what the answer should be in this question

    thank you to the website author for providing this EMQs, great site!

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