ACME Course Content

Core Modules

  1. Human Factors: To improve the understanding of Human Factors and their impact on the quality of team-based clinical care, in the complex, uncertain, dynamic and time pressured environments characteristic of emergency medicine
  2. Cardiovascular Instability: Reviews principles of diagnosing and managing cardiovascular instability
  3. Airway and Respiratory Emergencies: Revises and develop skills in the management of acute airway and respiratory emergencies
  4. Shock and Complex Emergencies: In the challenging ED environment to practise managing patients with complex illnesses including shock.

Inter woven throughout the modules are core themes of effective teamwork, teaching, professionalism, safety and quality. In addition, where relevant, paediatric content will be included in the modules. Pre-reading is required.

The following additional modules will also be available as rotating options with the overall course design depending on where you complete the course.

Centre-Selected Additional Modules:

  1. Altered conscious state
  2. Toxicology
  3. Death, dying and grief counselling
  4. Musculo-skeletal and spinal injury
  5. Toxinology
  6. Obstetric and gynaecological emergencies
  7. Transport of the critically ill patient
  8. Ear, nose and throat and ophthalmological emergencies
  9. Behavioural emergencies

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