Powerpoint Presentations

Remember those presentations you (hopefully) spend hours preparing to deliver to your peers once, maybe twice, per run? You deliver them, then they’re stocked away getting covered in metaphorical dust on your USB stick, never to see the light of day again… Send them to me, and they can be glorified forever below!

Updated ECG Presentation


Ophthalmology Emergencies

Endocrine Emergencies

Neck Trauma

Haematology in the Emergency Department

Wound Management

Respiratory failure, ABG’s, CXR’s and Non-Invasive Ventilation

Ultrasound in the Emergency Department: this powerpoint tries hard to condense the 5-day Australasian Institute of Ultrasound course into 2 hours. Credit goes to the Institute for some of the images used.

Toxicology for Nurses

Environmental Emergencies

ECG Interpretation

Drowning – by Dr S. Rosseye

Burn Management – by Dr K. Clark

The Future of I.T. in Medical Education

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