Useful Websites

Life in the Fast Lane: I can’t recommend these guys enough. It’s 100% necessary for your Part 2 Examinations. It’s also a 100% informative, entertaining, up-to-date medical blog for every other ED doctor.

Emergency Medicine Literature of Note: feeling rusty? Preparing for a big interview and scared they will ask that dreaded “what interesting medical literature have you read recently?” when in fact you don’t care about medical literature at all? Take a look here where all that boring stuff is broken down into tasty titbits that will help you sound impressive…

The Sharp End: written by our good friends over at Middlemore, specifically the wonderful Doctors Andy Brainard and Chip Gresham. This blog is full of tips written by our own colleagues, relevant to our patient population here in Auckland.

EM:RAP and EMCrit: must-listen Podcasts for any aspiring or already aspired ED doc.

ECG Wave-Maven: I personally used this website constantly to practice my ECG’s for the Part 2’s, and couldn’t help thinking I really should have perfected my ECG-reading skills far earlier…

Emergency ECG Video of the Week: recommended by Dr Chris Duncan as a good place to passively absorb knowledge while drinking a cup of tea. the moulages on this site are very useful. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to save the neurotrauma moulage patient – please let me know if you do, as I would love to save them one day! useful videos and lectures. Especially if you just can’t bring yourself to open those textbooks again. Requires a subscription to get full usage of the website though…

Instant Anatomy: this website is a staple product for any anatomy Part 1 participant. The simple diagrams are fantastic revision tools.

The wonderful Dr Alana Harper also compiled a great list of free web-based learning sites, which can be found here (highly recommended!).

These are the only websites I have ever used on a regular basis. If you have any other recommendations, please let me know!

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