Procedure Videos

There videos were posted recently to support a wonderful Procedures teaching session run by Dr Lynn Theron…

Cricothyroidotomy – for information on “the difficult airway” also see the RSI fact sheet found here.

Rapid rhino insertion

Chest decompression and chest drain insertion: video one and video two; for more in depth discussion of pneumothroax see the fact sheet found here.

Limb tourniquet application

Use of stapler

IO insertion: landmarks are from the 10 minute mark…

Pelvic sling application: the demonstrators look like they’re doing an inflight safety video… for more in depth discussion of pelvic fractures, see the Pelvic Trauma fact sheet found here.

Donway femoral splint application: you most likely have no idea how to work this contraption… but you should! This video stars either Smurfs or The Blue Man Group for some reason… the femoral fracture fact sheet can be found here.

FAST scan: clearly, you have to complete the course to be a competent FAST scanner – but if you’re constantly looking over your consultant’s shoulder wondering what they’re looking at, maybe watching this video will make you appear more intelligent!

Arterial line insertion: useful from the 2 minute mark…

Pericardiocentesis: rarely done, therefore probably rarely well done! For more information on pericardial tamponade, there’s a fact sheet here.

Suprapubic catheter insertion: be sure to use ultrasound as a guidance – we have it in ED for a reason!

ED thoracotomy: everyone has an inner surgeon just yearning to get out!

ED perimortem C-section: hopefully you will never be called upon to perform this, but in case you are…

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