Fact Sheets

NB. Facts Sheets are designed to be viewed on Word and edited by yourself to suit your needs. They may open looking strange on the default iPad or iPhone viewer, and I suggest you open them in Word on those devices as they will then open normally. 

Brain death

Cranial Nerves             More relevant to the clinicals…

CVA                Thrombolysis in CVA (and increasingly, clot retrieval) is topical and popular topic for questions – know your pros / cons / inclusion and exclusion criteria / contraindications, and know the research facts

GBS vs Myasthenia Gravis

How to Read a CT Head             Recognising the level that the slice is taken at will make you look good

Meningitis              Know your LP criteria

Seizures                 Know your LP criteria

Subarachnoid Haemorrhage


Neurology MCQ’s

Neurology SAQ’s

Neurology VAQ’s

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