Infectious Diseases

Fact Sheets

NB. Facts Sheets are designed to be viewed on Word and edited by yourself to suit your needs. They may open looking strange on the default iPad or iPhone viewer, and I suggest you open them in Word on those devices as they will then open normally. 

A Summary of Antibiotics          I’ve never been able to remember antibiotics, and to be honest didn’t know this going into the exam…

Biological Warfare Agents

Body Fluid Exposure                  Very important

Febrile Traveller

General Infectious Diseases


Necrotising Fasciitis



Toxic Shock Syndrome


Viral infections fact sheet

Other topics that are also covered in other chapters:




Fever in Children

Infective Endocarditis

Paediatric Gastroenteritis

Paediatric Rashes

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease


Rheumatic fever

Infectious Diseases MCQ’s

Infectious Diseases SAQ’s

Infectious Diseases VAQ’s

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